Vegan Chews & Progressive News {8-21-15}

Chickpeas & Changes’s “Vegan Chews & Progressive News” series strives to promote vegan food (an outgrowth of anti-speciesism) and progressive discussion of social issues—both of which I view as important in fostering a society that prioritizes the well-being of all creatures (not just the rich, white, or human) over the continuous striving for profit/resource accumulation.

Just a reminder about the exciting news that Chickpeas & Change is now accepting submissions! I’m thrilled to be able to open this space up to voices from the anti-speciesist, feminist, anti-racist community. Check out this page for submission guidelines.

Hey there, folks! Welcome to the 62nd (wow…) edition of Vegan Chews & Progressive News (# NewsandChews). This one will take care of all your colorful-and-hearty salad needs, then will touch upon homelessness and racism in relation to speciesism before sharing with ya’ll a media library chock full of revolutionary talks on important social issues. Happy Friday!

Favorite Newly Published Recipe


Israeli Couscous Salad with Burnt Citrus Dressing
Via Quite Good Food

Photo via Amber at Quite Good Food.

Photo via Amber at Quite Good Food.

I’m super intrigued by the process employed in this recipe of roasting lemons and oranges before making a dressing out of their juices — it certainly upholds my theory that just about anything tastes better after a trip in the oven for some caramelization. After you take a gander at the recipe, why don’t you hop on over to Electronic Intifada to get the latest on the Israeli genocide against Palestinians? (What, you really thought I was going to feature a recipe that uses Israeli couscous without reminding ya’ll about its country of origin?)


Blondie Crisps
Via Bittersweet Blog

Photo via Hannah Kaminsky.

Photo via Hannah Kaminsky.

If you’re anything like me, you jump for the crispy-chewy-gooey corner pieces in any batch of brownies or blondies. Leave it to vegan baker extraordinaire Hannah Kaminsky to craft a blondie recipe that produces only those ideal edge pieces, and in the form of a cookie, no less! Magic.

Best Recipe I Made This Week

Curried Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli with Cashews & Raisins
Via 86 Lemons

Photo via Livvy at 86 Lemons.

Photo via Livvy at 86 Lemons.

Veggie-packed salads with crunchy nuts, chewy dried fruit, and creamy mayo-based dressings never fail to please me. And this one certainly didn’t fail to please my housemates, either! Everyone scarfed down this salad at dinner this past Monday, leaving no leftovers to speak of.

Must-Read Article(s)

Homelessness is the crime, not the homeless
By Allen Arthur at

Photo via

Photo via

Homelessness and the criminalization of homeless people has been at the forefront of my mind lately, since my hometown has recently taken action against Madison’s homeless population, such as by removing from a downtown street the decorative rocks that homeless individuals would sit and sleep on. This article gives a great overview of similar measures taken all over the U.S., as well as the reasons — rooted in capitalist white supremacy — why municipalities enact such measures.

Favorite Podcast Episode or Video

The Problem with Appropriating Speciesism-Black Oppression Representations
By Liz Ross at Sistah Vegan

Photo via Sistah Vegan.

Photo via Sistah Vegan.

This video from the 2015 Sistah Vegan Conference features keynote Liz Ross speaking about racism and white supremacy within vegan circles, why we cannot directly compare manifestations of racism to those of speciesism, and how to connect racism and speciesism in ways that do not perpetuate a long, violent history of comparing Black people and non-human animals in order to demonize the former.

Book Recommendation Awesome Projects You Should Totally Check Out
Via the Center for Economic Research and Social Change

Photo via

Photo via

This website is a veritable treasure trove of radical voices calling for all those who face oppression in the world to organize together against injustice. Most of the audio and video come from the annual Socialism conferences, dating back to 2009. I have been listening to these nonstop, and feel invigorated after each one.

In solidarity, Ali.

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