Vegan Chews & Progressive News {12-12-14}

***Trigger warning for rape and sexual assault in the body of this post.***

Farmers Market Vegan’s “Vegan Chews & Progressive News” series strives to promote artful vegan food and progressive discussion of social issues—both of which prove necessary in fostering a society that prioritizes the well-being of all creatures (not just the rich, white, or human) over the continuous striving for profit/resource accumulation.

On this edition of Vegan Chews & Progressive News (# NewsandChews), your blogger is supremely distracted by the fact that she will return to her hometown in less than a week due to the end of the college semester! WHOO HOO! And you, dear readers, should be equally as excitedly distracted by the fact that three of you will win two boxes of one of the most fragrant, full-bodied teas I’ve ever encountered – Cinnamon Plum from Rishi – if you enter my latest giveaway (which also features an intensely flavorful granola recipe).

But before all that happens, we simply must pay attention to a creamy risotto chock full of squash and mushrooms, a crumbly scone that features my favorite fruit of the moment, a crowd-pleasing and veggie-packed soup, a story that has released a torrent of rape apologist rhetoric surrounding the U.S.’s pervasive college campus rape culture, some A+ journalism on the recently released Senate Torture Report, and a Unicat. You read right.

Favorite Newly Published Recipe


5-Spice Kabocha Squash Risotto with Oyster Mushrooms
via The Sexy Vegan

Photo via Brian L. Patton.

Photo via Brian L. Patton.

I haven’t enjoyed the sophisticated porridge of risotto and its supreme creaminess in far too long, and vegan cookbook author Brian Patton’s iteration featuring the king of all squashes (kabocha) and the meatiest of all mushrooms (oyster) seems like a prime recipe to remedy this risotto hiatus.


Roasted Persimmon Scones
via Will Frolic for Food

Photo via Renee Byrd.

Photo via Renee Byrd.

If you couldn’t discern by my recent winter produce review on the Our Hen House podcast or my latest green smoothie recipe, allow me to inform you now that I am 100% smitten with persimmons. Sliced, pureed into smoothies, bruléed, or now baked into scones – it doesn’t matter as long as I can stuff as many as possible into my mouth.

Best Recipe I Made This Week

Luxurious 7-Vegetable & “Cheese” Soup
via Oh She Glows

Photo via Angela Liddon.

Photo via Angela Liddon.

Playing on Angela’s veggie-packed and ever-so-noochy soup with a mixture of carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and celeriac, I served up an enormous pot of this golden puree for my 21-person living cooperative to resounding “Mmm’s” and “Yum’s!” I guarantee that smaller crowds will respond similarly. Don’t omit the smoked paprika – it provides an inexplicable undertone of flavor to the soup.

Must-Read News Story

This past week and that before featured a ridiculous onslaught of commentary by rape apologists and deniers of rape culture on Sabrina Erdely’s recent story “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA” at Rolling Stone. Most of this commentary has revolved around exposing discrepancies in the story of the victim featured in Erdely’s story and accusing Erdely of faulty journalism in her refusal to seek testimony from the accused rapists, and has thereby obscured the very real, very urgent problem of a pervasive college rape epidemic (just look at the recently published testimony from a survivor at my own college).

Thankfully, a couple non-victim-blaming writers have offered more responsible, progressive reporting on the controversy surrounding the Rolling Stone story, including Julia Horowitz at Politico and Salamishah Tillet at The Nation. It is these stories toward which I’d like to direct you today.

Photo via Boilerplate Magazine.

Photo via Boilerplate Magazine.

Favorite Podcast Episode or Video

Marcy Wheeler on the Senate’s Scathing Torture Report
via Radio Dispatch

Photo via

Photo via

Garnering ample amounts of media attention, earlier this week the Senate Intelligence Committee finally released the executive summary – which we expected way back during the summer – of its 6,000-page classified report on the CIA’s post-9/11 “enhanced interrogation” program, otherwise known as its torture techniques. On this episode of the Radio Dispatch podcast, Marcy Wheeler, a mind-bogglingly intelligent and talented independent journalist who writes about national security (aka, the “deep state”) and civil liberties, discusses the report’s findings and implications. You won’t get a better summary of the Torture Report than this one from Marcy, folks.

Book Recommendation

In the midst of college finals, my head has found itself swirling in a wormhole of books for the past week and that to come…so I’d rather skip obsessing even more over books on the ol’ blog and instead bring you this winning photos of a Unicat (a unicorn + a cat…duh):

Photo via SuperPunch.

Photo via SuperPunch.

In solidarity, Ali.

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