Vegan Chews & Progressive News {6-6-14}

My blog proudly touts the tagline, “Kale and chickpeas with a side of social justice.” Lately, though, I feel that the scales of FMV have tipped toward the “kale and chickpeas,” and I’d like to afford the “side of social justice” a bit more weight. In light of this desire, I’ve decided to experiment with a new feature of the blog that I’ve deemed “Vegan Chews & Progressive News.”

Every Friday morning, I plan to publish a post that shares with you, dear readers, an amalgamation of the best of two worlds about which I care immensely: artful vegan food, and progressive discussion of social issues. Spreading the word about both of these worlds, I feel, proves necessary in fostering a society that prioritizes the wellbeing of all creatures (not just the rich or the human) over the continuous striving for profit/resource accumulation.

To start, each Chews & News post will include:
1.) My favorite newly published recipe—a vegan recipe published over the course of the concluding week that I feel encapsulates the creativity, innovation, and abundance of animal-free eating.
2.) The best recipe I made this weeka vegan recipe (either from a blog or a cookbook) that graced my own kitchen during the week, and that significantly wowed my gastronomic sensibilities.
3.) One or two must-read news articles—articles from progressive news outlets that I feel provide important insights and outlooks on prevalent news stories and/or social issues.
4.) My favorite podcast episode/segment—an excerpt or full episode from one of my favorite podcasts (or television news shows) that I feel accomplishes the same task as the must-read news articles.
5.) A book recommendation—during the summer, I finally find the time to devote to reading for pleasure (an endeavor not frequently accomplished during the school year). Most of the books I enjoy nowadays I feel provide valuable social commentary, and I’d love to share the titles with you all.

Without further ado, the first installment of Vegan Chews & Progressive News!

Favorite Newly Published Recipe

 Coconut Rosewater Ice Cream
Via Wholehearted Eats


Photo via Wholehearted Eats.

Sophie offers a recipe for thick and smooth coconut milk ice cream, cutting its richness with a floral and uplifting note of rosewater—sounds ideal as spring ends and summer emerges. Even better, Sophie offers alternatives for making the recipe if you don’t have an ice cream machine handy (one day…).

Best Recipe I Made This Week

 Mess O’ Peas
Via Peter Berley’s “The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen

2014-06-04 17.24.35

This oh-so-simple side dish combines the fresh tastes of spring—snap peas, sweet English peas, scallions, and mint—with the butteriness of coconut oil to yield a light yet unctuous dish into which your tastebuds can almost melt. Ah, divine simplicity of fresh produce.

Must-Read News Article

Our Words Are Our Weapons: The Feminist Battle of the Story in the Wake of the Isla Vista Massacre
by Rebecca Solnit, via Truthout


Photo via Truthout.

Author of “Men Explain Things to Me” Rebecca Solnit critiques the mainstream media’s attempt to frame the recent Isla Vista massacre as based solely in either mental illness and lack of gun control, when Elliot Rogers’ lengthy manifesto clearly indicates that the act was one of misogyny. She uses this event and the ensuing #YesAllWomen hashtag as jumping-off points to discuss the importance of language in furthering women’s liberation, pointing toward the feminist movement’s historical coining of terms like “sexual harassment” and “rape culture”—terms that have helped us to identify problems that previously had no names, and were therefore difficult to discuss. An important perspective on the discussion surrounding the Isla Vista massacre.

Favorite Podcast Episode/Segment

Elites Would Like You to Shut Up
via Radio Dispatch

Photo via the New York Times.

Photo via the New York Times.

Brother and sister podcasting duo John and Molly Knefel comment extensively upon Frank Bruni’s recent New York Times op-ed that basically critiques anyone but him for providing commentary on current news stories. John and Molly astutely note that Bruni’s piece is indicative of a broader culture of the unwillingness of social elites to allow the 99% any input in the framing of our world.

Book Recommendation

Green is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege
by Will Potter

Photo via Green is the New Red.

Photo via Green is the New Red.

Longtime journalist and animal rights activist Will Potter documents the American government’s crackdown on environmental and animal rights organizations, focusing primarily on the labeling of such groups as “terrorists” even though the vast majority of their crimes have involved no human or animal injuries or casualties. Potter points out that the primary targets of this government crackdown have been organizations that threaten corporate profits, and that government agencies openly express their desire to protect financial interests. This explains why the government is allocating considerable resources toward investigating vegan potlucks rather than legitimate hate groups. An I think necessary read for any activist.

Until next time, Ali.

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