Check Out my Segment on the Latest “Our Hen House” Podcast Episode!

It is with an enormous sense of excitement and humility that I point you toward Episode 222 of the Our Hen House podcast, which features my review of seasonal spring vegetables! That’s right, folks—tune into the latest episode of the OHH podcast and you’ll hear yours truly describing the wonders of artichokes, rhubarb, fava beans, and ramps, as well as the most flavorful methods of preparing them. Lucky for me, I actually had the pleasure of speaking with the Hens in their actual coop, with the absolutely fabulous Rose the dog curled up on my lap. Featured alongside me in the episode is David Neale, the Animal Welfare Director for Animals Asia. I would be honored if you took a moment of your day to give the episode a listen.


If you enjoyed hearing some Farmers Market Vegan goodness on the OHH podcast, then I do hope you’ll keep an eye on future podcast episodes, for you may very well hear me on some upcoming ones, as well…;)

Until next time, Ali.


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