Piece Published on Our Hen House: How I Recovered from an Eating Disorder through Veganism

I’m thrilled, honored, amazed, verklempt, and every other related adjective to inform you all, dear readers, that the hub of vegan indie media Our Hen House just published a piece of mine on their online magazine. The piece tells the story of how I recovered from an eating disorder through veganism—the compassionate lifestyle offered me an altruistic means of redirecting my inwardly focused energies, and allowed me to realize the dominant societal forces that both influenced my eating disorder and exploited non-human animals.

The piece functions as the first instance during which I’ve spoken completely candidly about my past of disordered eating (at least in the online realm). While I’m certainly not suggesting that all those suffering from eating disorders should adopt a vegan diet while in the throes of a super scary time, I felt it necessary to offer my view that discovering a passion outside of oneself can aid immensely in recovering from an eating disorder. If you’d like to read more stories from brave individuals who found healing through veganism, check out Gena’s fabulous Green Recovery Series over at Choosing Raw.

Check out my piece on Our Hen House here!

Much love, Ali.

6 thoughts on “Piece Published on Our Hen House: How I Recovered from an Eating Disorder through Veganism

  1. hannah says:

    Ali, your piece had a really really deep effect on me because I think I can relate. I commented on OHH but just wanted to thank you over here for sharing so bravely and beautifully. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog!

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