Vegan MoFo #23: Peanut Butter Noodles with Veggies and Beans, Garlicky Green Beans, & Roasted Sweet Potatoes

vegan mofo 2013

Last night’s dinner, artfully prepared by dearest Alan and Rhyston, featured a sumptuous noodle dish inspired by Veganomicon (the inimitable vegan cookbook tome) and two flavorful vegetable sides.


Brown rice noodles coated in a creamy peanut sauce and tossed with a mix of navy and pinto beans as well as roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini provided a savory meld of toasted, caramelized, nutty, and umami flavors—though also one that proved quite difficult to stir, according to Ferry cook extraordinaire Alan. As a one-pot meal, the pasta could have easily constituted dinner all on its own, but Veggie Master Rhyston had other plans…


Simple roasted sweet and Yukon gold potatoes with garlic served as one side dish, while tender green beans sautéed with ample amounts of garlic provided the other. I also added a bed of mixed greens to the meal to meet my daily leafy quota. A quite well-executed dinner, I must say.



In Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC) news, tomorrow marks the onset of my weekend whirlwind of cooking in preparation for Carol Adams’ campus lecture, during which she’ll present her renowned Sexual Politics of Meat Slide Show. After the Slide Show, VARC will host a book signing and vegan reception, featuring the following menu of homemade hors d’oeuvres:

–Crostini with cashew cheese, kale pesto, & heirloom tomatoes.
–Grilled herb-marinated seitan skewers (get excited to hear all about my first experience making seitan).
–Mini sundried tomato, spinach, & mushroom tofu quiches.
–Coconut-peanut butter tartlets with raw date-nut crust.

Seeing as her mother works as a pastry chef, my VARC co-president Katie has easy access to a large number of mini tart pans, hence our decision to include mini quiches and dessert tarts on the menu. After grocery shopping tomorrow with money from VegFund (one of my all-time favorite vegan organizations), I’ll spend the vast majority of Friday and Saturday in the Ferry Kitchen, whipping up gourmet vegan appetizers for about 100 people. Wish me luck!

Until next time, Ali.

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