Vegan MoFo #19: Ferry Kitchen Charts, Comics, & Songs

vegan mofo 2013

While clearly the abundance and variety of vegan food enjoyed in Ferry House could provide enough incentive to tempt any Vassar student to join our 21-person co-op, the house’s supportive and playful community serves as my favorite aspect of living in Ferry. Together, we nourish our bodies and souls, challenge each other’s assumptions, celebrate the full moon by dressing in costume and playing Cards Against Humanity, read on the roof while watching the sun set, cry at Meeting when discussing heavy issues, and give lots and lots of hugs.

Ferry also plays hosts to an influx of posters, notes, signs, and artwork. Post-it notes on housemates doors serve as legitimate means of communication, while a bulletin board in the living room plastered with job charts denotes who cleans which room, cooks dinner on which day, picks up our farm share, etc. Recently, three more poster-y forms of correspondence appeared in the Ferry Kitchen, all of which prove extremely adorable and only contribute to the sense of camaraderie that we seek to foster in this house.

The first chart, crafted by Job Wrangler Tamsin, denotes the schedule for the “goodie makers” and “protein makers” in the house to follow. For example, on Tuesday, Gabe D. should bake bread (as symbolized by the precious slice of bread that exclaims, “I’m the best thing since me!), while on Wednesday, Andrew should provide the house with some sort of protein (hummus, a batch of lentils, homemade seitan, etc.).

ferry food production

The second poster comes in the form of a comic, drawn by my dearest Gabe, that narrates the life of a Ferry House Bowl. Attesting to leading an “overall pretty good life,” the bowl reveals the deep sadness he experiences when, after a Ferry member washes him and leaves him right-side-up in the drying rack, he cannot adequately dry…until, of course, “a nice person turns him upside-down.” Thanks to this heart-wrenching comic, no Ferry member can leave bowls right-side-up in the drying rack without feeling a profound sense of (most adorably provoked) guilt.

ferry decorations (2)

The final poster features the lyrics to “The Kitchen Song,” composed also by Tamsin. It reminds house members to put away two dishes from the drying rack when they put one in to dry, to retire washed knives directly to their drawer so that fellow Ferries don’t cut themselves when removing them from the drying rack, to mind the sponge-corner-washing-code system, to take special care of cast iron pans, to use only wooden and plastic implements on non-stick pans, and to clean up after oneself. Yay for an effectively functioning kitchen!

ferry decorations (1)

Not only do these posters play an important role in reminding house members to maintain kitchen protocol, they also brighten and provide an air of conviviality to the Ferry Kitchen.

Do you have any posters in your kitchen?

Until next time, Ali.


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