Vegan MoFo #10: Garlic-Rosemary Millet, Pepper-Apple Stir Fry, & Roasted Green Beans

vegan mofo 2013

dinner (1)

Because Ferry grocery shopping happens on Sundays and Wednesdays, Ferries who cook dinner on Tuesday nights often must employ a healthy dose of culinary creativity in order to produce a satisfying meal from the scant refrigerator. Tuesday dinner cooks also frequently encounter a puzzling phenomenon: much of one particular type of vegetable remains in the fridge while all others have disappeared over the course of the week. One may find two unopened bags of carrots one week, whereas the next week will play host to an influx of eggplant. Because Ferries do not consistently avoid these veggies, we as a house clearly do not harbor an aversion to them, but may unknowingly abide by a collective mentality that conditions us not to eat the veggies that no one else seems to have eaten. I suppose that even members of a non-hierarchical, egalitarian, anti-establishment co-op such as Ferry still find themselves influenced in some capacity by social norms. Who knew vegetables could engender societal constructs?

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Last night’s sparse refrigerator boasted a largely untouched canvas grocery bag of multicolored bell peppers, as well as a drawer full of farmers’ market apples. Also drawing upon our stock of bulk grains, dinner cooks Franny and Rhyston produced a colorful, flavorful meal that included a stir fry of crisp-tender bell peppers and softened apples seasoned with tamari, simply roasted green beans, and creamy rosemary-garlic millet. The concentrated sweetness of the roasted green beans and polenta-like consistency of the millet verily impressed me, as did Franny and Rhyston’s use of our fresh rosemary plant—the most recent addition to the herb garden in the Ferry dining room.

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In animal activist news, myself and three other core members of the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC) underwent a photo shoot yesterday for an article in the winter edition of the Vassar Quarterly magazine. After Sarah E. Brown—blogger at Queer Vegan Food and Vassar alum—critiqued the publication’s 2013 spring/Ssummer issue for its troubling tones of speciesism and sexism, offended Vassar students and alums emailed the Quarterly’s editor to express their dissent. Impressively, the staff at the magazine graciously responded by apologizing and promising a feature in the winter edition that would highlight Vassar alums involved in the animal rights movement, as well as the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition. Yay for collective activism! I can hardly wait to share with you, dear readers, the article in the Vassar Quarterly’s winter issue.

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Until next time, Ali.


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