Yes, I Do Find That Offensive: Guest Post on Queer Vegan Food

Hop on over to Queer Vegan Food to read the guest post I’ve summarized below, entitled “Yes, I Do Find That Offensive.”

A problem to which I’m certain many of you can relate, I often find myself feeling belitted, discriminated against, and even attacked by non-vegans who insinuate, unintentionally or not, that veganism comprises merely an arbitrary personal choice rather than an integral aspect of one’s identity. For example, how many non-vegans with whom you dine even think to ask if their consumption of animal flesh and secretions in front of you would make you uncomfortable? I don’t believe that most people aim to offend vegans with their comments about how much they revel in the ooey-gooeyness of cheese or what have you, but I remain confident that mainstream society simply does not understand the powerful passion animal liberation/environmental justice/personal health inspires in individuals who adopt a vegan lifestyle, or that veganism constitutes a legitimate social movement of the utmost importance, verily akin to gay or civil rights. However, once people begin to understand veganism as a deeply ingrained set of values and beliefs, I believe that they’ll start to ask for more information concerning the activist ideals of a vegan lifestyle, and thereby discover the toll that eating animals has taken and will continue to take on billions of sentient beings, on our planet, and on our personal health.

The above paragraph summarizes my recent guest post on Queer Vegan Food—a brilliant blog and invaluable resource for anyone and everyone concerned with the intersection of veganism and LGBT issues, written by fellow Vassar alum and all-around fabulous individual, Sarah E. Brown. I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to contribute to Sarah’s thoughtful corner of the vegan blogosphere, and urge you all to pay her blog a visit to read both my guest post and her own musings.

Sarah and I at the Marti Kheel Ecofeminist Conference at Wesleyan University.

Sarah and I at the Marti Kheel Ecofeminist Conference at Wesleyan University.

Until next time, Ali.


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