Vegan MoFo #6: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

As mentioned in a previous Vegan MoFo post, I have recently fallen head-over-heels in love with the town of Woodstock, NY. That ardent adoration exponentially increased today after a truly magical visit to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, a safe haven for rescued victims of animal agriculture, abuse, and neglect. Sanctuaries such as this one play an instrumental role in connecting people with the animals with which they would otherwise only interact on their dinner plates, emphasizing the individual personalities of each furry or feathered farm resident. A tireless animal activist, Jenny Brown co-founded the sanctuary in 2004 and has since appeared in countless mainstream media outlets, two Our Hen House podcasts, and in a picture with your’s truly (below) to passionately spread the message of compassion for all beings through veganism.

While I could attempt to convey the atmosphere of sheer wonder and appreciation of witnessing previously tortured farm animals living out their full lives in comfort and happiness, I’d prefer to allow the animals do the squawking, quacking, oinking, mooing, and baaing through the photos I snapped at the sanctuary today.

This gorgeously rainbow-colored turkey loved socializing with our tour group.

White hens resting.

Inside the chicken run, rushing toward tasty green grapes our tour group fed to them.

The duck pond–check out the heartwarming video of these ducks touching water for the first time in their lives by clicking on this photo.

This little piggy loved munching on celery and chasing his penmates around.

Dylan the cow stole my heart with his gentle giant persona.

These two cows would have been slaughtered at 6 months for veal, but live today amongst the breathtaking Catskill Mountains.

The adorableness of rabbits…indescribable.

After Jenny let out her “sheepie-sheepie-sheepie!” call, the very vocal sheep trotted eagerly toward our tour group for some “sheep crack,” as Jenny refers to the treats.

Goat lovin’.

After the tour, I could hardly resist both adding a second kale-themed t-shirt to my collection and financially supporting Woodstock Sanctuary by purchasing an “Eat Kale, Not Cow” shirt from the gift shop.

If you’ve never experienced the joy of interacting with the usually severely exploited prisoners of the meat, dairy, egg, wool, leather, etc. industries as clearly defined individuals, I’d highly recommend searching on for a farm sanctuary near you, paying them a visit, and offering your generous support. To continue my personal displays of gratitude toward the folks and non-human animals at Woodstock, I intend to ask for an Animal Sponsorship as a Christmas present this year.

Comment Provoking Questions: Have you ever visited a farm animal sanctuary? If so, which one? Was there an individual animal who particularly spoke to you?

Happy Vegan MoFo!

Until next time, Ali.

5 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo #6: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

  1. Debbie says:

    One of my goals is to visit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. I seems like such an amazing place and your pictures confirm that.

    Locally we have the Out To Pasture Animal Sanctuary. I feel in love with the pigs and for the past two years have been sponsoring one Hamey 🙂

  2. gena says:

    This post makes me so happy! As you know, Woodstock FAS is where it all changed for me. I hope you do sponsor an animal, and in the meantime, I have that same t-shirt!

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