First Vassar Newspaper Article: How to Craft a Satisfying Salad

I believe I’ve developed a fever. Fret not—my body temperature has not skyrocketed above 104°F, nor have I confined myself to bedrest. However, a virus of sorts has infiltrated my psyche. Perhaps I can trace its roots to my father’s masters degree in journalism and both of my parents’ knack for the English language—both talents which manifested themselves genetically in their daughter, eventually inspiring the blog you read today. I’ve now reveled for a year and four months in sharing my voice, prose, recipes, opinions, and values of kindess and compassion with the general online public, specifically the vegan blogosphere, and have since yearned to expand my potential audience to reach further hearts and minds. Thus, the self-diagnostic of my aforementioned virus on which I’ve settled reveals a nasty bout of journalism fever.

Vassar, my home of three weeks, certainly serves as wildly effective environment in which to cultivate my desire for journalistic exploration. In fact, I’ve already published my first article in The Miscellany News, Vassar’s student-run newspaper since 1866. Naturally, I eagerly took on the role of food columnist, both for this issue and the upcoming one, though I hope to branch out to other sections of the newspaper, such as Features and Opinions, to report on more hard-hitting issues surrounding veganism and animal rights (for example, Vassar tests on animals in the basement of one of their academic buildings, though the Misc has not yet successfully obtained an interview with any of the testers).

My article this week focuses on how to construct a delicious, nutritious, and satisfying meal-sized salad to debunk the notion that vegans subsist solely on piles of “watery iceberg lettuce, insipid tomatoes and perhaps a shredded carrot or two” (am I allowed to quote myself?). Offering a step-by-step guide to salad formation, I hope to convince Vassar students to rethink the notion of salads as diet, or “rabbit”, food. At the article’s conclusion, I also offer the recipe for my infamous Liquid Gold Dressing, providing a glimpse into the realm of healthy, mouthwatering, creative salad dressings to knock America’s staple of ranch off of its undeserved pedestal.

Take a gander at the article here and let me know what you think!

Until next time, Ali.

2 thoughts on “First Vassar Newspaper Article: How to Craft a Satisfying Salad

  1. Alexia @ NamasteYoga says:

    I hate how people keep asking me how i can live of rabbit food.. and telling me that salads are never a meal and not satisfying… or people will say oh i had salad for lunch yesterday so im not having it for dinner or lunch another day or 2. for me its part of every meal or even IS a complete meal. a step by step guide would surely be helpful and maybe convince many people to trying something different than their regular canned tuna and mozzarella salad.

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