What I Ate Wednesday #37

Breakfast: My new favorite smoothie inspired by Kathy Palasky’s Secret-Ingredient Matcha Shake of 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 tsp spirulina powder, 1 tsp matcha green tea powder, 5 large leaves of lacinato kale, 1 1/4 cups frozen yellow watermelon, and 1 cup almond milk kefir, topped with a generous handful of my new recipe for Chocolate Kale Granola.

Almost comically thicky, creamy, and redolent with a mysterious chocolatey flavor attributable to the matcha powder, this smoothie provides utter breakfast perfection. Yes, yes, I’m quite aware of the lofty claims I often make about my various meals, but trust me when I declare the necessity that you blend up this particular breakfast beverage immediately. I’m not kidding.

Topping the already incomprehensibly delicious smoothie with kale-ridden granola clusters acted like sugar-free icing on the raw, vegan cake. Why don’t you hop on over to this post and whip up a batch of crunchy hippie magic for yourself?

Breakfast Checklist: Protein—almond milk kefir, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, almonds (last two in granola)Whole Grain—GF rolled oats and buckwheat in granola. Fruit—banana, yellow watermelon, dates, apple (last two in granola)Leafy Green—a double dose of kale! “Super Food”—chia seeds, spirulina, matcha powder, cacao powder, flaxseed meal (last two in granola).

Local Ingredients: Kale from Driftless Organics, yellow watermelon from Old Stage Vegetable Gardens (no website).

Morning Tea: Kukicha Twig Tea from Eden Organics.

Lunch: A return to the lunch boxes of my long-forgotten high school days (I had to eat lunch on-the-go today) consisting of spicy mixed greens, perfectly sweet carrots, a Green Zebra heirloom tomato, a couple sprigs of fresh mint, a handful of alfalfa and mixed bean sprouts, and marinated giant white beans from the Whole Foods olive bar; all tossed in Liquid Gold Dressing, dusted with dulse seaweed, topped with a dollop of cortido, and accompanied by four squares of mochi.

I’d like to point out 1.) the first heirloom tomatoes of the season; 2.) my recent obsession with adding herbs of any variety (mint, lemon verbena, basil, dill, tarragon, etc.) to my daily lunch salads; and 3.) the sticky squares of puffed mochi, aka Japanese rice cakes comprised of glutinous brown rice. I procure my mochi from the Willy Street Co-op where they offer the Original variety of the Grainaissance brand (the only ingredients are glutinous brown rice and water), but the independent company also produces intriguing flavors such as Raisin-Cinnamon, Sesame-Garlic, Cashew Brownie, and Pizza.

Meal Checklist: Protein—giant white beans. Whole Grain—mochi. Vegetables—carrot, tomato, mint, alfalfa sprouts, mixed bean sprouts, cortido veggies. Leafy Greens—spicy mixed greens, dulse seaweed, cabbage in cortido.

Local Ingredients: Spicy mixed greens from GittOrganic; carrots from Young Earth Farm; heirloom tomatoes from Snug Haven; mintalfalfa sprouts, and mixed bean sprouts from Troy Community Farm; cortido from Fizzeology.

Afternoon Beverage: A tall glass of NessAlla Kombucha in Raspberry flavor (pardon me for constantly relying on this particular picture to display my  daily afternoon drink).

Dinner: Two Juice Pulp Veggie Burgers from Sketch-Free Eating topped with avocado slices over a small salad of spicy mixed greens, cucumber, basil, lemon juice, and black pepper, alongside an ear of miso-roasted corn.

Some of the most intriguingly flavored and wholesome veggie patties I’ve experienced in a while, these Juice Pulp Burgers incorporated adzuki beans and mushrooms for heft and depth of taste, as well as provided me with a delightfully yummy excuse to use up a good portion of my freezer full of juice and almond pulp leftover from my juicing and almond milk ventures.

Along with the first heirloom tomatoes, last Saturday’s farmers market also boasted the season’s premier sweet corn, my favorite implementation of which remains roasting or grilling it in the husk for about 20 minutes after lathering it with miso paste.

Meal Checklist: Protein—azuki beans, tahini, almonds. Whole Grain—none. Vegetables—mixed juice pulp veggies (and fruits), mushrooms, cucumber, basil, avocado, corn. Leafy Greens—spicy mixed greens, mixed greens in juice pulp.

Local Ingredients: Spicy mixed greens from GittOrganic, cucumber from Canopy Gardens, sweet corn from Driftless Organics, crimini mushrooms from Palm’s Mushroom Cellar (no website), basil from my backyard herb garden.

Comment Provoking Questions: How are you enjoying the latest summer sweet corn? What do you like to do with your leftover juice and almond pulp? Have you ever tried mochi before?

Happy WIAW!

Until next time, Ali.

19 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #37

  1. veghotpot says:

    I really love the way you lay out each meal into categories to check your getting everything you need! All your food looks so delicious and super healthy!! I’m just about to get into juicing and have been collecting up recipes for the pulp so those burgers look great! x

  2. aspiringsteph says:

    I miss sweet corns from Canada/America! In Korea, it’s mostly sticky & starchy corns. They’re great, but I’m starting to crave the sweet ones. If you like mochi, you should try my aduki bean mochi-bake recipe. Or you can even make regular mochi in microwaves, too 😀
    Have a great day!

    • Ali Seiter says:

      Ooh, I don’t blame you. The summer just wouldn’t feel the same without an ear of juicy sweet corn!

      Yes, that bake sounds divine, thanks for pointing me towards it!

  3. Elle @TheWay says:

    I’m really intrigued by your green granola breakfast. A lot of those ingredients I would have to special order online. : ( I do drink spirulina every morning before my workout, however.
    We don’t get sweet corn usually in the summer. About three years ago, I canned close to 100 quarts and we are still eating through that. It seems silly to buy any when we have so much at home!

    • Ali Seiter says:

      You mean my kale granola? Ha, why thank you! You could certainly make a simplified version with what you have on hand–I highly encourage adapting my recipes to suit your own needs.

      I’m definitely planning on freezing a whole bunch of sweet corn this summer. I just can’t get enough and miss it so much during the winter!

      Thanks for commenting, Elle!

    • Ali Seiter says:

      Go. Make it. Immediately. You won’t be sorry.

      I bought my matcha just at a regular grocery store in the tea section. The Republic of Tea brand isn’t too atrociously expensive–a large container is about $15, as compared to other super high-quality matcha powders that cost upwards of $40 per a couple ounces.

    • Ali Seiter says:

      Both the burger and smoothie recipes are hugely delicious and satisfying! I highly recommend both of them. Of course, I’m also partial to my own recipe for the granola. 😉

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