My Name in Lights!

Well, perhaps not on a flashing marquee or anything to that extent. Still, I certainly feel oodles of excitement from seeing the words “Alessandra Seiter blogs at Farmers Market Vegan and eats most of her breakfasts, lunches and desserts raw” in a recent article on 77 Square, the entertainment blog of Last week, Lindsay Christians, the arts and food reporter at 77 Square, contacted me for a quick interview about eating raw in Madison after discovering my previous reviews of the Green Owl’s esteemed Raw Nights (check out the reviews here, here, and here).

Image credit: Michelle Stocker

Take a gander the full article, entitled “Can’t stand the heat in the kitchen? Go raw,” for an overview of Madison’s small yet growing raw food community, a brief review of the Green Owl’s latest Raw Night, and a quote from your’s truly! Squeal!

Until next time, Ali.


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