What I Ate Wednesday #16

Breakfast: A smoothie of 1 small honeycrisp apple, 2 stalks of celery, 3 leaves of kale, 1 frozen banana, a handful of parsley, an inch of fresh ginger, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tsp lucuma powder, 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder, and 3/4 cup cultured soy milk kefir all topped with a handful of sprouted quinoa granola.

After blending up a morning beverage based upon Choosing Raw’s “Down Dog Smoothie” earlier this week, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of tossing refreshing celery into smoothies. Gena claims that “you’ll barely taste” the crunchy veggie, but I could certainly discern its slightly sweet, pleasantly grassy flavor—and thoroughly enjoyed doing so! Eager to throw celery into more smoothies this week, I drew upon two more sources of vegan blogger inspiration to meld these smoothie recipes from YumUniverse and Cupcakes and Kale, while adding in a couple of my own twists (don’t I always?), including my newly rekindled veggie love of celery. The complementary flavors of ginger, apple, and parsley also verily impressed me and I intend to employ them in smoothies much more often.

A note on the granola: I used the Raw Quinoa Granola from VGANJAR as a base, then personalized it by implementing both sprouted buckwheat and sprouted quinoa, both dried figs and dried apricots, almond instead of sunflower seed butter, and adding a bit of cardamom. In the absence of a dehydrator (I’m forever crying inside), I baked the granola at 200°F for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Chewy, crunchy, fruity, and nutty, this granola will definitely become a pantry staple whenever I have sprouted grains on hand.

Breakfast Checklist: Protein—soy milk, almond butter and sunflower seeds in granola. Whole Grain—sprouted buckwheat and quinoa in granola. Fruit—banana, apple, dried dates and figs in granola. Leafy Green—kale. “Super Food”—chia seeds, lucuma powder, green powder. Vegetable Bonus!—celery, ginger, parsley.

Local Ingredients: None. Sad face.

Morning Tea: Organic Kukicha Twig Tea from Eden Foods.

Lunch Box: Mixed greens, 1 medium yellow carrot, alfalfa sprouts, mixed bean sprouts, 1/2 cup chickpeas, and 1/4 cup each sprouted quinoa and sprouted buckwheat all tossed in Liquid Gold Dressing and topped with a generous spoonful of kimchi and 6 celery sticks stuffed with hummus, parsnip pate, and almond miso spread.

Continuing my renewed love affair with celery, I invoked childhood memories of the infamous peanut-butter-and-raisin-stuffed celery sticks (aka “Ants on a Log) to inspire more mature versions of the kiddie classic, this time implementing Nic and Kier’s Ultra Creamy Hummus, the Raw Almond and Chickpea Miso Spread from Olives for Dinner, and a variation on Gena’s Raw Sushi Parsnip “Rice” (I omitted the tamari and sesame oil while adding 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast).

Meal Checklist: Protein—chickpeas, almonds in spread. Whole Grain—sprouted quinoa and buckwheat. Vegetables—carrots, alfalfa sprouts, mixed bean sprouts, celery, kimchi veggies, parsnips in pate.  Leafy Green—mixed greens, cabbage in kimchi.

Local Ingredients: Carrots from JenEhr Family Farmkimchi from Fizzeology, alfalfa sprouts and mixed bean sprouts from Troy Gardens, parsnips from Driftless Organics.

Afternoon Snack: A tall glass of local NessAlla Kombucha in Blueberry flavor.

Dinner: Three Sprouted Grain Almost-Raw Veggie Burgers, four Lemon-Cumin Baked Avocado Fries, and a pile of steamed broccoli (recipes soon to come!).

After witnessing all sorts of recipes for avocado fries cropping up over the blogosphere, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a vegan, gluten-free version of the baked “breaded” creamy fruit so far absent from the plethora of avocado fry recipe choices. Sorry to tease you all, but I promise I’ll have the recipe up shortly.

Of course, burgers serve as the classic accompaniment to fries (or perhaps the other way around…), and I opted to make a raw-inspired green burger based upon sprouted buckwheat, sprouted quinoa, sunflower seeds, flax meal, kale, parsley, celery, and sundried tomatoes. Once again, I assure you I’ll post the recipe soon—this one’s a sure favorite.

Meal Checklist: Protein—sunflower seeds, flax meal, chickpea flour. Whole Grain—brown rice cake, sprouted buckwheat and quinoa. Vegetables—avocado, celery, parsley, sundried tomatoes. Leafy Greens—kale, broccoli.

Local Ingredients: None. Another sad face.

Comment Provoking Questions: Is there a vegetable you simple forgot about? Do you wish to rekindle that long lost veggie love? What’s your favorite way to use sprouted grains?

Happy WIAW!

Until next time, Ali.

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