Avocado-Squash Chia Pudding: The Breakfast Experimentation Continues

Before I divulge this disappointing information, don’t chastise me too much. I understand that I’ve slurped up a kale smoothie for the past 71 days and that perhaps my fondness of blended greens and frozen fruit has transformed into a bit of an obsession. I attempted to kick the habit with oatmeal, but its slightly sickening tendency to sit inside your stomach does not lend itself well to activity, especially in the form of an elliptical machine run. Thus, I reverted back to my smoothie ways.

However, I decided to experiment for one more breakfast before returning to my true love. I don’t blame an earnest desire to free myself from a morning meal rut, but rather an absense of bananas from my freezer (and smoothies positively require bananas to achieve a successful texture). As I waited for the bunch of green nanners on my counter to adequately ripen, a recipe common on the vegan blogosphere that has sat on my “Recipes to Try” list for a while now caught my eye: chia pudding.

To implement some leftover roasted butternut squash puree, I based my breakfast around Choosing Raw’s Pumpkin Chia Pudding. The recipe, though, required a bit of bulking and a dash of something green to both provide a hearty meal and satisfy my goal of greens three times a day. For the greens, I certainly didn’t want to chop up straight raw kale and add it to the pudding…even I’m not kale-crazy enough to do that. Instead, I added a scoop of Raw Reserve Green Superfoods Powder. To further transform my recipe muse into a filling breakfast, I chopped up a whole avocado and stirred in a cup of millet puffs.

Base chia pudding with Green Powder.

Full chia pudding with added stir-ins.

The pictures certainly don’t inspire the appetite as the green pudding resembles a vertiable swamp, but the squash flavor truly shined through the green mess for a filling, creamy, and surprisingly yummy breakfast. Besides, who doesn’t adore avocado on everything? Not astoundingly, I still prefer my smoothies. Old habits die hard.

Breakfast Checklist: Protein—soy milk. Whole Grain—millet puffs. Fruit—avocado. Leafy Green—green powder. “Power Food”—chia seeds. Added Vegetable Bonus!—butternut squash.

Comment Provoking Questions: Are you now or have ever been caught in a breakfast rut? How did you get yourself out? On a scale of one to ten, how much do you absolutely adore avocados at every single meal?

Until next time, Ali.

4 thoughts on “Avocado-Squash Chia Pudding: The Breakfast Experimentation Continues

  1. Isobelle says:

    I’m with you on the green smoothies! I can’t do the chia pudding for some reason though. I have never like pudding in general, actually. The gooey texture gets me every time 🙂 I think it looks pretty good. I like anything green.

    • Ali Seiter says:

      I can see where it would divert some people. I’ve loved pudding since childhood–my father and I would always get the vanilla pudding at our neighborhood Chinese buffet when I was a youngin. Obviously, I’ve replaced that pudding with astoundingly healthier and animal-friendly versions, but my pudding affection remains. Thanks, Isobelle!

  2. lauren @ spiced plate says:

    I LOVE green smoothies — but in the winter I just can’t eat something cold first thing. Chia pudding is delightful, though — I’d love some right now as I’ve got the 3:00 tummy grumbles of between meal hunger.
    I’m an avocado fan, but I think I feel the same way about walnuts — they’re a must at every meal.

    • Ali Seiter says:

      That’s exactly the predicament I’m dealing with! I hate being cold but I just love my smoothies too much. I think I will, though, experiment more with chia pudding. And yes, avocados are definitely necessary…always. 😀

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