What I Ate Wednesday #3

Breakfast: A very green smoothie with 2 large leaves of rainbow kale, 1 large frozen banana, 1 avocado, 3/4 cup Edensoy Extra soy milk, a splash of lime juice, a dash of cardamom, and 1/2 tbsp of Raw Reserve Green Superfood Powder topped with a generous handful of Spiced Carrot-Pumpkin Granola.

Avocado smoothies may claim the title of my favorite blended morning beverage. I strongly recommend adding lime juice and cardamom to any smoothie featuring avocado to brighten its creaminess. Frankly, I could probably subsist on avocado-kale smoothies for the rest of my life.

Breakfast Checklist: Protein—soy milk. Whole Grain—gluten-free rolled oats, buckwheat, amaranth. Fruit—avocado, banana. Leafy Green—kale. “Power Food”—hemp seeds, flax seeds, green powder.

Local Ingredients: Rainbow kale from Jones Valley Farm.

Morning Tea: Double Dark Chocolate Maté from The Republic of Tea(With its deep, truly satisfying chocolate flavor, this is one of my favorite teas.)

Lunch Box: Mixed greens, carrots, sungold tomatoes (the last of the season!), crosnes, and 1/2 a Honeycrisp apple, all tossed in Liquid Gold Dressing. Accompanied by a Nature’s Bakery Vegetarian Burger on two brown rice cakes spread with 1 tbsp tahini.


A Madison-based food coop, Nature’s Bakery crafts organic, whole grain sandwich bread, granola, raw essene bread, calzones, and cookies. I adore their Amazing Grain and Vegetarian Burgers, both made with incredibly wholesome ingredients. For example! Take a gander at the Ali-approved ingredient list for the Vegetarian Burger I scarfed down today: Brazilnut meal, carrots, onions, organic brown rice flour, almonds, wheat-free tamari, non-GMO soy oil, fresh parsley, herbs & spices.

Meal Checklist: Protein—Vegetarian Burger. Whole Grain—brown rice cakes and burger. Vegetables—sungold tomatoes, carrots, crosnes, and apple. (Yeah, DUH, it’s a fruit, but I’m including it anyway! Go ahead, sue me.) Leafy Green—mixed salad greens.

Local Ingredients: Mixed greens and crosnes from Harmony Valley Farm, sungold tomatoes from the Plahnt Farm, carrots from JenEhr Family Farm, Honeycrisp apple from Ten Eyck Orchard, Vegetarian Burger from Nature’s Bakery Coop.

After-School Snack: A bottle of GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha in Citrus flavor.

I truly miss my home-brewed Kombucha, but my new Scoby forms as we speak and will attain its full bacteria pancake status as of next week Saturday at 6:00 pm. Can’t wait!

Dinner: Remember the stuffed sweet potato catastrophe from a few posts back? Well, tonight I decided that the time had come  to silence the mocking orange vegetables and conquer their fleshy pulp. I forcibly omitted the millet from my previous recipe because for whatever reason the tiny grain decided not to cook correctly for me tonight. In the place of the chickpeas, I substitued the Horto beans from Flyte Family Farm that I had simmered in the slow cooker this Sunday (Crockpots are PERFECT for bean cooking), and I used regular broccoli instead of Romanesco. BUT! The most satisfying aspect of tonight’s dinner: mixing the filling with fresh roasted Kabocha squash and stuffing it back inside the squash shell, since I completely failed at that step in my previous attempt at stuffings.

The super sweet Kabocha squash perfectly suited this recipe…though I suppose that any recipe would benefit from the addition of this king of all squash varieties.

Meal Checklist: Protein—Horto beans. Whole Grain—none. (Darn that pesky millet!) Vegetables—Kabocha squash, onions, garlic, peas. Leafy Green—broccoli.

Local Ingredients: Kabocha squash and Rosso Milano onions from Jones Valley Farm, garlic from Brantmeier Family Farm, broccoli from the Green Barn Farm Market.

Comment Provoking Questions: What is your favorite unorthodox use for avocado? How about your favorite flavor of tea? Favorite flavor of Kombucha? Favorite variety of squash?

Happy WIAW, everyone!

Until next time, Ali.


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