Sugar Crash

As mentioned on multiple previous blog posts, I detest processed foods. White sugar, white flour, isolated soy protein, high fructose corn syrup, refined vegetable oils, etc. are big “No’s” on my favorite-things-to-put-into-my-body list and I truly attempt to avoid ingesting anything other than wholesome, completely natural, organic foods. I wholeheartedly belive that abiding by those three criteria in my eating habits and steering clear of chemicals, additives, and preservatives are the best means of effectively nourishing my body and keeping me healthy.

But everyone caves. Especially when confronted with Raspberry Nebula Soy Ice Cream at the Chocolate Shoppe: luscious black raspberry soy ice cream laced with raspberry ripple and studded with dark chocolate chunks. Add two incredibly content friends “mmm”-ing away while licking their own frozen treats to the equation and you’ve cracked the sweet-toothed vegan. Normally, I easily satisfy my sweet craving with dates, fruits, and the occasional dash of agave nectar, but sometimes the hidden ice cream monster explodes, and he knows my soft-serve weakness all too well.

Raspberry Nebula Soy Ice Cream

Oh, how I enjoyed every spoonful of creamy raspberriness but oh, how regret slapped me like an episode of the Three Stooges after investigating the ingredients: first up (undoubtedly), sugar, followed by tapioca syrup, soy protein, potato dextrose, guar gum, rice and corn starches, and two color dyes. UGH. Fine, I haven’t treated myself to ice cream in a good long while, but why did I have to do so with Mr. Chemical Sugar Raspberry rather than the vastly more nutritious sugar-free, all-natural Lunaberry Swirl from Coconut Bliss?

Not only did my mind rue the sugary choice, my body wailed at the rare sweet addition to my day. Perhaps trekking Downtown in the “wet cotton ball” humidity (as Maddie and Teague call it), contributed to my vast lack of energy, but I suspect the refined white sugar as the main perpetrator to my lethargy. High on the glycemic index, white sugar releases glucose rapidly into the bloodstream, resulting in a brief stint of hyper energy followed by a “crash.” My usual diet consists almost exclusively of low glycemic foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, etc. You know. The usual vegan fare. Therefore, I have reason to think that high glycemic foods such as white flour, sugar, and processed breakfast cereals may affect me more than others whose bodies ingest these refined foods more often. In any case, I was EXHAUSTED.

Lesson learned: remember how food affects your body before eating it…even if its tantalizing creamy raspberry flavor begs you to try a cupful.

Until next time, Ali.


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