Monty’s Blue Plate Diner Review

Adored by hippies, vegans, carnivores, and stereotypical Wisconsin cheese lovers alike, Monty’s is the ultimate East Side institution. They offer a separate vegan menu complete with all-day breakfast (can you say tofu scrambles and sweet potato hashes?), messy and creative sandwiches, hugely satisfying whole-grain and vegetable salads, plus vegan fruit pies. The waitstaff never fails to offer a huge smile and silly joke while the prices are astoundingly affordable for the reliable quality of food (except for the eggs. The sunny-side-up eggs suck. Trust me, they disappointed me back in my non-vegan days.) One of my favorite attributes about Monty’s is the wide variety of great vegan food–most restaurants only offer a handful, if that, of vegan options, while Monty’s offers a plethora.

Go to Monty’s. Leave incredibly happy. For more details on Monty’s, see my previous post (including some tantalizing pictures) or peruse their page on


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